Thursday, November 14, 2013

it isn't thirty years ago. that's for sure.

what happened to the good ol' days when farmers waved as they passed, and when they didn't try to run you off the road? I have been alive for 37 years -- has it all changed that much? even here, in the country, in the heart of America? I remember being a little girl-- mom and my brother and myself would pass a farmer in his truck, or tractor, or combine... there would be an exchange of smiles and waves. if his vehicle was large, he would pull over and give us some room to get by. fast forward 30 years later, and my daughter and I have a massive combine coming right at us on a narrow road. I can't get over because it is all ditch on my side. I watch as the combine passes one driveway, two driveways. and his speed never decreases. I am wondering IS HE REALLY GOING TO RUN RIGHT INTO US?? at the last minute he swerves over on his side. he is young. I probably have 15 years on him. didn't his daddy or papaw teach him right? the rules of the road? respect? politeness? this isn't an isolated incident. it happens weekly, if not every other day, on these country roads. these days, I notice many of the younger farm generation, "own" the road. hog it. are reckless. there is no waving. no smiles. in this fast-paced electronic, technologic world, there is not much awareness of our surroundings. of our actions and how they affect others. ... now from time to time, there is that courteous farmer (sometimes older, sometimes young), who is not reckless, who smiles, who knows that getting there faster isn't always better. or safer, for sure. and I breathe a little easier. and don't shout profanities in the car, into the air.
I have the upmost respect for ALL farmers and their families. I COME from a farm family. I get it. but let's please slow down and not give me a heart attack. thanks.