Monday, April 7, 2014

my girl

this post is more of just a record for me. of things Emma wrote and said today that made me laugh and/or cry.
grandparents' day is coming up at school. Emma brought home papers she was working on-- one for my dad, "papaw art," and one for my grandma, the kids' "mamaw virginia ." one of the questions was, "If you had one wish for your Grandma/Grandpa what would it be?" she wrote on mamaw's , "I would wish she could hear better." on my dad's Emma penciled ,"I would wish for him to feel better." she told me she wished he would not hurt. Emma is such a caring person. i melted.
tonight when i was putting her to bed i was asking her things about her day at school. i had my arm around her. she put her arms around me, and she squeezed a little tighter after i would ask something. she rarely hugs. finally she asked,"if i give you a great big hug, will you stop asking me questions?!" and she smiled so big. i should have known something was up! ;-) i love how she says what she's thinking AND she's getting pretty good with her humour and sarcasm. ;-)