Monday, January 16, 2017

amazon prime is my best friend

When you're up at 11:00 ordering math and language arts workbooks, you know you have become a homeschool mom.My homeschooling journey with Emma has just begun. We are still in the experimental stage, and we're trying out all sorts of things. The best part is, it doesn't HAVE to feel like school. We don't start her lessons at a specific time of day. It is whatever works for us, and each day varies. I do make sure to do some kind of lesson on the same days Noah has school. I have learned to keep track of her hours and to document her scores. She does a fantastic job of verbally answering questions about books. We are spending some time reviewing math because I don't think she fully understood some of it towards the end of last semester at school.
The most difficult part for me is juggling work and Noah, and Emma and teaching, along with speech, occupational therapy, much-needed Zumba for us twice a week at school.
Everything is currently trial and error. We do our best.

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