Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Something new

Our family is on its newest journey. Officially we started it 3 whole weeks ago, but with Christmas break interrupting it, tomorrow will mark the first day of actual homeschooling for Emma. Although we are still in a transitional period and in a period of deschooling until I get her curriculum going, we are doing worksheets in the meantime until we can get a rhythm going and establish our days better.
It is my hope to put her back in public school at some point down the road, but right now this seems to make the most sense for us.
Thank you for reading, for following along in our lives. I often can feel your warm, uplifting thoughts.
I do not post as much about my daughter these days. She is 12 now. I respect her privacy.
You know me, dear readers, if I do not write then I die inside. So I'll keep writing, and I'll quash the darkness that comes when I don't get my words out. ❤✍

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