Monday, February 6, 2017

Oh, sweet girl, where ya going now?

When your 12 year old autistic, epileptic child has kept worried all day and night because even though she is quite BRILLIANT academically, she comprehends real life situations about the same as a toddler would. She thinks rocket ships really will take her somewhere and packs a bag. She believes she'll die if she doesn't reblog a post. She will try to walk on her own for miles? to get to school. She'll get in the car and sit in the driver's seat and tell me she's driving to see a kid from her class. But the car sits there, quiet. She has no idea how to start it. *thank God *
I am reminded of when I was two and tried to pedal down the road to the store for my mom. I didn't comprehend the dangers of doing such a thing because that part of my brain wasn't yet developed. Neither is Emma's. She's still trying to catch up. It's frustrating for her.
And so frightening for me at times.