Friday, March 3, 2017

i don't do church

I don't do church. A Christian God doesn't suit me. My spirituality lies in my heart, stems from all that is around me. I find Spirit in music, birds chirping and chatting, the wind tumbling my hair, in sun and warmth, the sound of waves crashing and sea gulls gossiping.
My soul is beyond tired. I am weary, a little lost.
I told Amanda that- "I am tired. My soul is so tired. I miss you." She said she knows. So I'm going home to my Amanda tomorrow, for the weekend. My Amanda, my friend of 25 years now. We know each other better than anyone else on this Earth. I feel quite sure we've walked together in other lifetimes, for we'd recognize the other's soul anywhere.
I repeat, I don't do church. On Sunday morning though, I'll attend her Quaker meeting so I will be surrounded by beautiful souls. Such thoughtful people.
This weekend I desire peace.

I continue to work on growing, self-awareness, and self-realization.

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